The Kitchen Sink

universejapan May 23, 2012 0

  • See the Sea Part 9
    Enchilada can't help but get those little digs in here and there… Ok. Massive digs. But who's counting? ūüėÄ Here's to a happy Thanksgiving to you all! I'm so thankful to have all you wonderful people as my readers! ‚ô•
  • See the Sea Part 8
    Descending into the depths! The temperature change never fails to freak me out a little;; FYI! I'll be away from home until the end of November and will have limited access to the internet! The nemu*shop will be put on hold until we return, but orders can still be made thru Spreadshirt, Society6, and of course, my digital goods shop. ‚ėÖ Check back next w […]
  • See the Sea Part 7
    The story continues! I apologize for a quiet October — I have few updates lined up for you this month to make up for it! You can catch up on what I've been working on at my Patreon blog, which chronicles my Inktober 2017 challenge entries and more~ Some posts are closed for supporters, but I also release a lot of regular posts for folks interested in s […]
  • See the Sea Part 6
    Back with a new update! Things got unexpectedly hectic this past month, despite being on a roll earlier. Thanks for your patience! The adventure continues! Also, my only event of 2017 is coming up at the end of September: Mini Con 8 at the McCully-Moiliili Public Library! Hope to see you there~
  • See the Sea Part 5
    For all those who inquired how they speak underwater. :3 Of course, water is very inconvenient for droids, so it's a good way to keep dry, even when they have to explore underwater. :3
  • See the Sea Part 4
    Sorry for the one week delay! I'm back and continuing the story! Anpan sure has come a long way since his meeting with Botcha Duck, but sometimes it's just hard to shake that fearful feeling. I admit – I still get wigged out when I swim in deep water where I can't touch the bottom. I'm starting the new month at Patreon and still looking f […]
  • See the Sea Part 3
    Perhaps Anpan is having second thoughts about this whole beach business… We're back with another update! I'm happy to see the comments are working again~~ Much thanks for chiming in — it's good to hear your feedback! I'm doing something new at Patreon — the sketchcard tier is still going strong, and it's been amazing practice for […]
  • See the Sea Part 2
    And the story continues! For some reason, the comments were broken these past couple months and we didn't realize it — so now they're back and in working order! Comments automatically close after a period of time to prevent spammage in our archives. Want to see more nemu*nemu! Consider participating in my Patreon! We're well on our way to the […]
  • See the Sea Part 1
    I'm back with a multi-part comic update this month! Here's Part I to start things off! Much thanks to my supporters on Patreon for keeping me above the threshold this month! If you'd like support this comic and see more updates, as well as enjoy a few perks, jump in this month at Patreon!
  • Happy Place
    It's June, and time for a new nemu*nemu comic! May was a super busy month for me, splitting between doing my personal work and helping out Scott during a massive crunch time at his work place. It helps to buffer my savings and gives me new perspective on work and time. Certainly, everyone needs a little "me time" and Nemu is on the right track […]

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