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universejapan May 23, 2012 0

  • Happy Place
    It's June, and time for a new nemu*nemu comic! May was a super busy month for me, splitting between doing my personal work and helping out Scott during a massive crunch time at his work place. It helps to buffer my savings and gives me new perspective on work and time. Certainly, everyone needs a little "me time" and Nemu is on the right track […]
  • Legend of the Zilligog
    Thanks to my 70 supporters on Patreon, we're back with our next nemu*nemu comic – Zilligog! The idea has rolled around in our head for a few months. It's based on a weird plant overgrowth in our neighborhood that looks a lot like a hunched over man. (It even sported yellow flowers last month!) It seemed a story worthy of the pups to explore. Want m […]
  • Surprise II
    We're back with Part II! I just couldn't leave Anpan hanging like that~ ♥ I'll be working on the next set of updates, but if you'd like to see even -more- nemu*nemu comics, consider joining my Patreon! 70 supporters helped nemu*nemu return – the more to join in, the more nemu*nemu for all! ★ Again! Thanks so much for your patience! I
  • Surprise
    Greetings everyone! It's been a long time since my last comic here, but thanks to my growing number of supporters at Patreon, I'm able to bring back nemu*nemu, update by update! If you'd like to see more, consider joining my Patreon for a behind-the-scenes look at the process as well as early updates and more! I'm starting off with a 2-pa […]
  • LootAnime Reviews: the Master Post
    Here's one handy-dandy place to find all my photo reviews on the LootAnime crates that have arrived on my doorstep thus far! Box 2: ENCHANT Box 3: EQUIP Box 4: HAUNTED Box 5: DUEL Box 6: MUSIC Box 7: VICTORY Box 8: SQUADRON Box 9: BACK TO SCHOOL Order one, or a whole subscription of -any- of the lootcrate themes and get $3 off with code: NEMUNEMU at che […]
  • [Event 2016] Mini Con 7 @ the McCully-Moiliili Public Library
    Last in-person event for 2016 (aside from a talk that I'll be a part of at the Honolulu Musuem of Art in October), MINI CON! Mini Con 7 McCully-Moiliili Public Library [MAP] Saturday, September 24 – 10am – 2pm This year, the lineup is Jon J. Murakami, Mark Gould, Kevin Sano, and me! Find us in the 1st floor meeting room and the keiki storywell. We' […]
  • Introducing
    A look at my new website! It was a long time in the making, but I'm happy to unveil my new website, ! My personal site will house all my works – nemu*nemu, Blue Hawaii, CultureSHOCK!, and more! We're also in the progress of reorganizing the nemu*nemu archives, which is long due for an overhaul, so expect some changes here. You wil […]
  • [nemu*digital] shop updates & prepping for September
    Hi folks! I'm back with a couple updates to the digital shop! First up, the two recent digital desktop designs for July & August – that I'm particularly proud of how they turned out~: Summer Succulents: August School: They're both available in the digital shop – pay what you like or join my Patreon for as little as $1 a month to get them d […]
  • [LootAnime!] Open the SQUADRON box!
    Hi folks! I am back with yet another unboxing/review of the LootAnime X Crunchyroll SQUADRON crate! I'll be honest with you – I am not familiar with almost all of these series, so if I'm missing some of the context behind of some the items, let me know! So, this time around, I'll include the official description from LootAnime with a little te […]
  • [Blue Hawaii] Olympic Fever
    EDIT: Fixed it so the image is now clickable and Gizmo's font is 2pts larger! Blue Hawaii, as printed in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser on Sunday, August 14th! To be honest, I kinda forgot about the Olympics until I started seeing news about all the gold medal wins in my social media feeds. XD; I guess this kinda happens when you don't watch TV regul […]

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