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  • The Convergence Miracle of Blade Runner Blackout 2022
    Well over twenty four hours since it landed, and I remain in that rare place. A place where something one remembers in fragments, but is jolted back by a newly formed memory. A refrain of an old poem, now enhanced by a long delayed echo. And yet we have been here before throughout numerous iterations. … Continue reading The Convergence Miracle of Blade Runne […]
  • Hozuki’s Coolheadedness aka Hoozuki no Reitetsu
    If you happen to watch the series streaming on CrunchyRoll, well get onboard reading the manga. I am a fan, for this series. I initially learned about this publication when I was on the BookWalker Global website. Of course I grabbed onto what I can read. I have already seen the entire tv series, so … Continue reading Hozuki’s Coolheadedness aka Hoozuki no Re […]
  • Your Name(2016): A Telling Tale (Film Thoughts)
    In the race for anime box office domination (a race largely reserved for studios, and the occasional anime industry wonk), the unexpected can often be the most telling barometer of where art and commerce are currently merging. A dance that can often illustrate, befuddle, depress, and justify. But after finally stepping from the dark, and … Continue reading Y […]
  • Interview: Kenji Nagasaki and Wakana Okamura of “My Hero Academia”
    Anime Diet had the privilege of interviewing the director and producer of the current anime version of My Hero Academia, Kenji Nagasaki and Wakana Okamura, at Anime Expo 2016. This was an extensive discussion of the inspirations and process behind the creation of the hit show. Jeremy Booth conducted the interview. This interview was translated … Continue rea […]
  • Video: nbkz Sakai panel @ Anime Expo 2016
    Mangagamer, a localization company bringing top selling Japanese visual novels to the English-speaking market, held a panel at Anime Expo 2016 with their guest nbkz Sakai (伸和酒井). The CEO of the Japanese visual novel company minori,  nbkz Sakai has produced many famous pretty and shiny games, such as ef ~a fairy tale of the two~ and eden*, … Continue reading […]
  • Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress: Same Club, New Woofers
    Everything Is A Remix, as the touted video series suggests. Not unlike how favorite music finds itself warped into a virtually endless number of permutations, bound by the creativity of the remix artist. There are even times when some actually surpass the radio friendly original. But very often, some works find themselves coming up short. … Continue reading […]
  • My ode to Wakakozake
    I have dropped off the face of the planet, in the face of reality and real world. But I still wanted to let people know that I am mindful of some series for when I have a limited time,to watch. So I wanted to speak about my adoration for Wakakozake. This series was added to Crunchyroll’s … Continue reading My ode to Wakakozake →
  • Evangelion at 20 – That (Brutal) Age
    Being young hurts. Never let anyone tell you different. We can wax nostalgic all we want, but youth is the place where all the muscles get their first taste of resistance in the form of daily life. From lessons about co-existence to the heartbreak landmines one must endure, it’s no wonder so many retreat headlong … Continue reading Evangelion at 20 – That (B […]
  • Interview: Ayano Mashiro
    We interviewed the up-and-coming singer Ayano Mashiro, best known for her work on Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works and more! Check it out.
  • Who Killed The World? – The Bureau Of Proto Society Delivers
    When anime has such a clear-eyed perspective on the zeitgest, I perk up. Imagine my bemused surprise when a medium so often concerned with appeasing our most questionable wishes, takes a well-timed potshot at itself. Personally, I love it when post-modernism is being used to comment on larger media concerns, and this little gag seemed … Continue reading Who […]
  • Do you want to have a matchmaker like Jane Austen’s Emma?
    Jane Austen is a beloved author in English literature who is remembered for the many strong minded female characters that she has created. Her stories has been retold and adapted into multiple formats and media. Probably an example that would date me, but would be perhaps familiar to readers who remember the mid-1990s with the … Continue reading Do you want […]
  • Interview: Momoiro Clover Z
    We had the honor of interviewing, on camera, one of the biggest idol groups in Japan, Momoiro Clover Z! You'll get to hear what they really think of their manager, and just how much one girl can sneeze–and more!

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