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  • Ishihara Gojin – Illustrator Of The Erotic & Bizarre Art Book Review
    Warning : The following post contains nudity/adult content. Ishihara Gojin ( 石原豪人 1923 – 1988 ) was a Japanese artist prolific during the Showa Era ( around 1960-70s ), illustrating images for children’s magazines and also adult publications. His subjects often featured monsters and supernatural creatures, macabre and bizzare themes, as well as erotic imager […]
  • Cloudscape : Vancouver -> Singapore 2017
    Just a couple of pretty cloud pictures I took while on my Vancouver to Singapore flight. I seldom get the opportunity to take pictures on flights these days as I always go for the aisle seats on long hauls, but it so happened that my row was empty on this particular flight. Lucky ! The post Cloudscape : Vancouver -> Singapore 2017 appeared first on Halcyo […]
  • 20 Posters – Otomo Katsuhiro Posters Collection Review
    20 Posters – Reprints Of Classic Posters is a collection of high quality posters from the animated films of Akira director Otomo Katsuhiro. Handpicked by the director himself, this collection ( a total of 20 posters ) is to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Akira. A full list of the posters included can be found […] The post 20 Posters – Otomo Katsuhiro Post […]
  • The Art Of Yoh Yoshinari – Rough Sketches ( Tezuka ) Art Book Review
    Presented in the same format as his earlier published Rough Sketches art book, this volume focuses on Yoh Yoshinari‘s rough sketches of Tezuka Osamu’s characters, the creator of the much adored Astroboy character. This is a collection of Yoh Yoshinari’s personal drawings and his test animation project titled “Animating Tezuka Characters”. The animation tests […]
  • SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING – Animating Spider-Man
    In this short making of video for Marvel’s recent Spiderman : Homecoming film my VFX supervisor at Sony Imageworks ( Theo Bialek ) talks about the challenges of animating the iconic comic character and also the creation of a photo-realistic Spiderman. The turntable “test footage” featuring a fully CG Tom in his homemade suit is […] The post SPIDER-MAN: HOMEC […]

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