Chicken Wing Ice cream? Horse Meat Ice cream? Pit Viper Snake Ice Cream?

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Ice cream is very popular in Japan so to mix it up a bit there has been some interesting ice cream flavors that everyone should try. Picture this, it’s a hot summer day and you need to cool off. Wouldn’t a nice cool cup of Chicken Wing ice cream set you straight? How about some Whale ice cream? hmmm? Or maybe you prefer some Horse meat sashimi ice cream? I know, you probably can’t get the thought of Pit Viper snake ice cream out of your mind all day and have always thought what a cool treat that would be. Folks these are REAL flavors and I suggest you try them all at least once before they are banned!

1. Chicken Wing Ice Cream 「手羽先アイス」

This foul tasting ice cream is a regional specialty of Nagoya, famous for its poultry. Don’t be chicken, give it try.

2. Whale Ice Cream 「鯨アイス」

Scientific evidence collected by Japan’s Whale Research Program can be consumed as ice cream helping to wash down your well-researched whale burger.


3. Beef Tongue Ice Cream 「牛たんアイス」

More than just the tip of the tongue, beef tongue ice cream from Miyagi Prefecture is one of the most popular varieties. It can’t be licked.


4. Squid Ice Cream 「いかアイス」

It just makes sense. Squid and ice cream is such a great combination!


5. Horse Sashimi Ice Cream 「馬刺しアイス」

I am NOT horsing around! Giddy up on this sweet concoction.


6. Pit Viper Snake Ice Cream 「まむしアイス」

Now you can take a bite out of one of Japan’s most venomous snakes first but in an ice cream!

Image source: Hatena


7. Indian Curry Ice Cream 「インドカレーアイス」

Of all the ice cream choices here this one actually does seem like it might work. Eat the curry not to worry!


8. Shark Fin Ramen Ice Cream 「フカヒレラーメンアイス」

You’re gonna need a bigger spoon. Once a stealthy predator now an ice cream treat. Just when you thought it was safe to eat ice cream again…

Image source: Hatena

9. Octopus Ice Cream 「たこアイス」

Imagine smooth and creamy ice cream coupled with chewy Octopus tentacles…..


10. Caviar Ice Cream 「キャビアアイス」

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